David Abramson & Associates, LLC is a premier retained executive search and leadership development firm specializing in senior finance leaders in industry and public accounting firms throughout the United States.

We value, above all else, our confidential value added developmental relationships with our candidates and clients. Our client companies benefit from our expertise and relationships with seasoned professionals while we help maximize candidates' potential by introducing them to even more rewarding career opportunities.

We have filled strategically critical positions in public accounting where we best understand a client's: culture, opportunities, needs and concerns. Our candidates have already achieved substantial career success. Yet they recognize that there may be more financially, professionally and/or personally rewarding opportunities that they should at least examine confidentially with David.

David Abramson has derived much personal satisfaction over his entire career from recruiting, coaching, mentoring and advancing to significant roles those who worked (directly and indirectly) for him. For the last thirteen years he is doing the same on a confidential basis for those with whom he has had a relationship for years as well as new relationships he has or is developing. Whether you are a CPA Firm, senior executive or client company, discover how David Abramson & Associates can uniquely help.